Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

hello ladies

Just simple hi for you my ladies. how are you doin. sorry for being M.I.A in last two weeks. so here is some quick updates for you :
I still miss him. miss his cute smile. aaww... and i still curious bout him *even sometimes i know he is nobody. bah. gk penting hahaha
&heart; Papa ku rawat inap di rumah sakit. kena demam berdarah. rawat inap di rumah sakit lima hari. tapi sekarang dah sembuh :)
♥ And her mom suddenly texted me. what a surprise msg. oh em gee. she just very kind and nice person. i hope someday we can meet again tante. at jakarta. of course hehehe
♥ I always love to accompany him playing at pool. hahaha. i just love the vibe
Can i walk and hold your arms again?! *wink

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