Jumat, 27 November 2009

yes i hate you

♥ credit : fuck yeah skinny bitch

i hate the way you treat me
i hate when i feel comfort with you
you should not here

Kamis, 26 November 2009


♥ credit : fuckyeah skinny bitch

redemption needed
i am afraid. so afraid

please dont kill me

Rabu, 25 November 2009

about her

Lets do some gosiip hahaha. nothing. just for fun.

ten things about her :
1. I hate her lifestyle. it make her become hedonist person. but sometimes she said. is too hard to beat. so i join them
2. She is open minded person. wtf with super tiny minded people
3. She loves party and alcoholic
4. Guys said she is good kisser ever
5. Guys love her sexy and killer eyes. yes i agree with them
6. So can i call her. sexy. naughty. bitchy ?! hehehe
7. She speak in english. lil bit in indonesian
8. But never believe her if she said. i love you. she never mean it
9. She said. i dont care with people think about me. none is one of my bussiness
10. She is unique

so. what do you think. you'll love or hate her ?!

Sabtu, 21 November 2009

it is hurt beib

Nonsense. stupid late nite conversation on YM :

i feel the world not fair to me. i hate it!!
since when it is fair?! nv
hiks. i want cry. i need shoulder to cry on
come here la
or maybe i gonna go to sleep now
goodnite dear

ps : shit. i felt stuck here!

Selasa, 17 November 2009

bad romance

i want your ugly. i want your disease
i want your everything
as long as it’s free . i want your love
i want your horror. i want your design
'cause you're a criminal. as long as your mine
i want your love

you know that i want you
and you know that i need you
[ cause i'm a freak bitch. baby! ]
i want it bad. your bad romance

i want your loving. i want your revenge
you and me could write a bad romance

-- Bad Romance ~ by : Lady Gaga --

Hahaha. lyric of this song remind me about you. feel so stupid at the moment when i fooling for you. no love. even no lust. finally know it is named OBSESSION. that's all. case closed!

Minggu, 15 November 2009

rebel backpacker

Paint it Black

Sondy. friend who has project in Jakarta. is coming to the town. yay! but. i forget to see his tribal tattoos. totally forgot. zzz. spend another lazy sunday at Starbucks with Tiven. he is really backpackers! hahaha. super rebel. he said. everybody look us when we walk togother. i am criminal who walk with princess. LOL. enough for tonite. it is midnite already. nitez everbody :]

Kamis, 12 November 2009

soak republic

♥ credit : Soak Republic

Kyaaaa!! i crave for these rings. super awesome. gyutt. gyuut. hahaha. i also started collect bold ring. i love wear ring now. hahaha. i will post it later :]

Rabu, 11 November 2009

raoul fashion show

I got sms from Raoul few days ago...

RAOUL cordially invites you to our Fall Winter 09 Show
Wed 11 nov 2009. 4-7pm at RAOUL Tunjungan Plaza 3 UG fl
Enjoy 20% off on new arrival
F&B will be served

Yay!! I feel like socialite gadungan hahaha. sempat bingung juga. kok bisa dapet sms yah perasaan gk pernah isi data deh hehehe. tapi yasud la. saya dateng ngajak Nat juga hahaha. ayuk ayuuk :]

♥ One of female model wear chiffon brown blouse like photo above

♥ One of male model wear blue shirt like photo above. kyaa. model cowonya ada yang cakeeep. hihihi

♥ credit : RAOUL fanpage

Selasa, 10 November 2009

wish i could

♥ credit : fuckyeah skinnybitch

wish i could keep you much longer
i know you gotta go. cause you got things to do
wish i could keep you much longer
now you too busy from me girl. like i was to you
wish i could just stop by. and maybe say hi
wish i could just stop by. and lay by your side

-- keep you much longer ~ by : Akon --

Senin, 09 November 2009


♥ credit : fuckyeah skinnybitch

I dont know. but i heart today. i made pm on my BlackBerry : 09 November 09
And many friends ask about that. what happen with that date?! mmm. nothing. just. i like it

Another quick updates for you :
I got new tyre for my car. yay!! now i can drive safety :] ban lama nya mblendug. kepanasan katanya. jadi beli baruuu deh. mm tercintah ikud nemenin beli. bayarin lebi tepatnya hahaha. maklum satu ban TOYO ring 16 seharga 725rb. makin gede makin mahal. asyeeem!! *standarnya ring 14. padahal niatan hati ntar ntar kalo mw ganti mobil baru pengen pake 17 hahaha. satu ban sejuta-an. empat ban plus serep lima juta. beluuuum beli velg nya. oh em geee. bisa dipecel mama :P
♥ I made crazy idea. how about C car chronology. city-civic-c class. hahaha *anak durhaka. tidak tw diriiii :D
♥ Maybe i will make today to be my first post for my another project blog. mmm. lets talk it later
Ex bf become my nightmaree!! oh em ge. i dream him almost everynite for few days *sigh. i guess isn't easy as i thought to remove him for my mind. ouch! forget it. i want make a deal with past so it will not ruin my present :] *but i cant lie. i miss him
Another ex bf. the one and only ex become friend. hahaha. he know i like guys with tattoo so he said if we make up. i will make tattoo for you. but only one and small. he just kidding me. LOL
Hepi monday everyone :]

Minggu, 08 November 2009

still alive

Hell-o biatch!! i am comiing. hahaha. there is some random quick updates from me. i know you love me. xoxo *hahaha. ketawa guling guling

♥ Yes. i am still alive. sorry for long hibernate. being MIA in few weeks. and almost one month hahaha. i just feel lost my passion. life so flat and boring. and i stuck here :[
♥ But life is too short to living like this. so i decide to back blogging again hahaha
♥ Maybe. i should go far away out of this country only for this summer. is it sound great?! mmm. do you agree?
Hallowen this year is super screamy hahaha. not because freaky costume but because i saw him with taluk. hahaha. not in real mean but can i said like that because she is chinese born indonesia who study and live in china for six years. aaargh!! forget it. for now. i dont know. even dont care anymore. mmm. lets we see

Sometimes. i miss my ex boyfriends. yes. with s. hahaha. but a lot miss my partner in crime. Toto i miss youuu!! hahaha. actually miss him after he called me. LOL *jadi sebelumnya?? hehehe. his sound look so tired and need some fresh air. too busy. too much working i guess. mmm. maybe we are just need holiday together :] hope can see you soon dear!!
♥ Finally realize that i am not so Surabaya's Girl STyle. who loved many guys here. aaargh!! they are so b o r i n g
♥ And become admin of two acc cheezybabe. and. fan page isn't easy. zzz. blog is coming soon. but i am not sure. how can i regonize it all ?! mmm. latelest collection will launch on middle of nov. mmm

ps : another update. soon!! i must back working now :]
love yaaa..