Senin, 09 November 2009


♥ credit : fuckyeah skinnybitch

I dont know. but i heart today. i made pm on my BlackBerry : 09 November 09
And many friends ask about that. what happen with that date?! mmm. nothing. just. i like it

Another quick updates for you :
I got new tyre for my car. yay!! now i can drive safety :] ban lama nya mblendug. kepanasan katanya. jadi beli baruuu deh. mm tercintah ikud nemenin beli. bayarin lebi tepatnya hahaha. maklum satu ban TOYO ring 16 seharga 725rb. makin gede makin mahal. asyeeem!! *standarnya ring 14. padahal niatan hati ntar ntar kalo mw ganti mobil baru pengen pake 17 hahaha. satu ban sejuta-an. empat ban plus serep lima juta. beluuuum beli velg nya. oh em geee. bisa dipecel mama :P
♥ I made crazy idea. how about C car chronology. city-civic-c class. hahaha *anak durhaka. tidak tw diriiii :D
♥ Maybe i will make today to be my first post for my another project blog. mmm. lets talk it later
Ex bf become my nightmaree!! oh em ge. i dream him almost everynite for few days *sigh. i guess isn't easy as i thought to remove him for my mind. ouch! forget it. i want make a deal with past so it will not ruin my present :] *but i cant lie. i miss him
Another ex bf. the one and only ex become friend. hahaha. he know i like guys with tattoo so he said if we make up. i will make tattoo for you. but only one and small. he just kidding me. LOL
Hepi monday everyone :]

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Dian Prad mengatakan...

ex boyfriend became nightmare... i feel you babe... be tough...
im helping you on support :)

Diana Ang mengatakan...

thank you so much beib :]