Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

killer series

Wew. Awesome! It's like Barbie horror photograph. SAW but in pretty way. hahaha. Barbie looks gorgeous like always hehehe. Aaah. That's tiny little stuff is super cute *mini mini imut. lucu yak :)

Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

boring person

Yeah. I am bored and I am boring person. hahaha. Uuuh. Feel so lazy in this holiday. Nothing to do at home. Just movie marathon watching Desperate Housewives series. Noon or night I just watch DP. Super addicted besides nothing else I can do :P
Anyway I got insomnia and I miss you a lot. Can't wait to see you in next twenty four hours

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

spirit of xmas

Spent quality time with family at Christmas eve. We are having dinner at XO Cuisine. By the way Silvia and Helen plan to exchange Christmas gift at My Kopi-O! Sutos on Tuesday. I have fish bla bla bla *okay. I forgot the name but with thai sauce is super yummey!! hahaha and ice lemon toa. I got Body Shop cleansing milk and crystal bubble with cutie bunny :)
Oooh. I love Christmas things. Everything looks so pretty hehehe

Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Senin, 27 Desember 2010

fat and ugly

Syusah-nya menjadi cantik apa ada nya. hahahaha. Gweeenduud!! Kapan kurus :(

Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

coming here

Actually this picture was taken last month when Vivi coming to the town. We and Vonny having dinner at Pepper Lunch. Yummy! This month she is coming again. Okay kinda once in month hehehe. But this month we spend with Helen. Sushi time at Sushi Tei then enjoying Toffee Nut special Christmas edition frappucino from Starbucks. We also watching Gulliver's Travel in 3D which so funny movie. Great movie for your holiday :)

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

this year

It is rainy December. Surabaya getting cold. I just spend my days in front of my television watching my Horatio Caine from my fave show CSI Miami or maybe just browse cute and fun doodles at tumblr. So inspiring and make me happy for a while :)
Holiday atmosphere is coming make me lazy to work and I felt not productive after middle of this month. All I thinking it is just wonderful Christmas hehehe
But sometimes it's lazy things just ended up with boring situation *sigh. So I decided make kinda of kaleidoscope of my 2010. Just simply review of year that I was through :

♥ Januari - February - March
OhmyGod he is uber cute yet little shy boy with tribal tattoo. Not talk too much and he's too cool yet stingy. After on-off dating. He really not worth it. Maybe we getting tired and I guess it's over hahaha

♥ April - Mei - June
I buy Ipod touch for myself kinda of birthday gift in April hehehe. I really love summer holiday. My family and I spend it to Singapore and we got lot's of fun :) I also create Tumblr account and Twitter. Yay!! hahaha *sok eksis gitu deh. hehehe

♥ July - August - September
I joined a circle of friend called Young Free and Dangerous hahaha. Quite fun and friendly friends even I'm not feel so in there. Mommy daddy and uncle birthday in this September. Oups! I eat cakes a lot. Sure gain more weight hahaha. By the way I spend my holiday at Jogja with my ladies. Super happy and fun holiday plus bonus meet Jelly in person for second times. What a lovely boy with wolf tattoo :)

♥ October - November - December
Maybe Oct 2010 such a great month. So many wedding held in this month and many of my friend getting in relationship. Congratulation dear hehehe. Back in Singapore again at end of November. Orchard road looks so beatiful at Christmas. I wish you were there baby :) By the way my online shop reach goal this year. I'm so happy :D

How your year babe?! Hope you got fantastic year :)
Christmas and New year eve getting closer and closer. I'm become so nervous yet exciting hehehe. I dont have any plan in NYe. I hope everthing gonna be great and I can spend with my lovely family and you *smooch

Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

sushi time

Having dinner at Sushi Tei with Helen. Silvia and Ryan. Oh my God super yummy sushi and takoyaki. Love love love. Hahaha. After that we go to ranch Market. I need buy some Lemon Water. I addicted for this one super refreshing. You should try :)
Anyway. I want eat another sushi again!!

Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

next three days

Aaah. Christmas atmosphere is everywhere. Spend my afternoon with Winnie watching marathon movie. Narnia and The next three days. So so movie I guess but quite entertaining then close the day with enjoying cup of tarik tea at my Kopi O!

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

morning sunshine

Waking up to your morning call. Listening your voice in early morning is going to be my favorite thing in the morning. I waking up to your morning text too :)

Selasa, 14 Desember 2010


Okay here some list for Christmas things :
♥ Looking for Christmas gift for my pretty ladies
♥ Christmas paper or card and Christmas tag *bingung ngung ngung
♥ Christmas cookies or cake. Whatever la but something cute and yummy to eat hahaha
♥ Nice outfit to go to church at Christmas eve
♥ And maybe the list still continue....

Talk about Christmas how about all I want for Christmas huh?! hahaha
♥ Most favorite all I want for Christmas is YOU. hahaha. who doesn't spend with someone who you love and loved you back :)
♥ Ipad and Iphone is top request too hahaha
♥ How about more often fun holiday trip. YES. I want too. Please give me promo flight ticket and fun partner. I'm ready to go everywhere hahaha
♥ New authentic branded bag or branded comfy shoes. Oh girl things! hihihi
♥ I still love my vintage car but I always open for new one Santa :P
♥ Oups! Stop make wish list. Gonna be super long list :D

Senin, 13 Desember 2010

count the xmas day

Yeay Christmas getting and getting closer. My BFF planing exchange Christmas gift and I already have idea for the gift for them *wink hahaha. I'm gonna buy the gift than wrap with cute Christmas wrap paper which I dont know where to buy fufufufu and print Christmas tag :)
So happy coz can found freebies tag in web. YES. I will print in digital printing I hope the price for once printing services not quite expensive :(
Maybe this Christmas I will spend quality time with my parents then go for family dinner like last year. MMm.. yummy!! hahaha
By the way I still dont have any idea for New Year eve. Quite boring here *sigh

Selasa, 07 Desember 2010


Rapunzel is entertaining movie. You should watch it. Hehehehe. I watch this movie at Sutos with Helen and Silvia. By the way Silvia gonna continue study in Taiwan. mmm. gonna miss her but it is next year. Yeah September next year so lets hanging and have fun first hahaha

Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

early christmas

Spent my early Christmas in Singapore. Oh my God what pretty Orchard road. Suddenly miss Christmas so much and miss you. How much I miss you and wish you were there and you said yeah me too. hope someday we can spend together in Singapore hihihi
Actually I love my early summer holiday more than this Christmas. I didn't buy anything except three white boyfriend tees and bag from TopShop and Charles and Keith. Mmm guess I'm summer person and love fun bright color. Fall winter collection not suit for me :(
But it's okay I still love and enjoy this holiday then mommy miss Kuala Lumpur so bad yeah either I mom. Hope we can go there next year. Yay!! Bukit Bintang we will gonna see you again. hahahaha *lebay