Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

this year

It is rainy December. Surabaya getting cold. I just spend my days in front of my television watching my Horatio Caine from my fave show CSI Miami or maybe just browse cute and fun doodles at tumblr. So inspiring and make me happy for a while :)
Holiday atmosphere is coming make me lazy to work and I felt not productive after middle of this month. All I thinking it is just wonderful Christmas hehehe
But sometimes it's lazy things just ended up with boring situation *sigh. So I decided make kinda of kaleidoscope of my 2010. Just simply review of year that I was through :

♥ Januari - February - March
OhmyGod he is uber cute yet little shy boy with tribal tattoo. Not talk too much and he's too cool yet stingy. After on-off dating. He really not worth it. Maybe we getting tired and I guess it's over hahaha

♥ April - Mei - June
I buy Ipod touch for myself kinda of birthday gift in April hehehe. I really love summer holiday. My family and I spend it to Singapore and we got lot's of fun :) I also create Tumblr account and Twitter. Yay!! hahaha *sok eksis gitu deh. hehehe

♥ July - August - September
I joined a circle of friend called Young Free and Dangerous hahaha. Quite fun and friendly friends even I'm not feel so in there. Mommy daddy and uncle birthday in this September. Oups! I eat cakes a lot. Sure gain more weight hahaha. By the way I spend my holiday at Jogja with my ladies. Super happy and fun holiday plus bonus meet Jelly in person for second times. What a lovely boy with wolf tattoo :)

♥ October - November - December
Maybe Oct 2010 such a great month. So many wedding held in this month and many of my friend getting in relationship. Congratulation dear hehehe. Back in Singapore again at end of November. Orchard road looks so beatiful at Christmas. I wish you were there baby :) By the way my online shop reach goal this year. I'm so happy :D

How your year babe?! Hope you got fantastic year :)
Christmas and New year eve getting closer and closer. I'm become so nervous yet exciting hehehe. I dont have any plan in NYe. I hope everthing gonna be great and I can spend with my lovely family and you *smooch

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