Rabu, 11 Februari 2015

ketakutan itu

Tuhan. tolong jaga hatiku. aku takut hancur lagi untuk kedua kalinya. dan kali ini mungkin akan terhempas jatuh lebi mnyakitkan dari yg sebelumnya. aku takut Tuhan. aku takut sekali. 

hello month of love

ah. i miss this blog. terakhir ngepost masi oktober. hahaha. janji manis bwat rajin ngeblog hanyalah menjadi resolusi yg tertunda. let's make review of last almost four months later : 
• november : it's holiday. yeay! i really enjoyed my holiday in bangkok with my family. and a week after that we had short trip to singapore. by the way this month were his birthday. i made something for him and make him smiled last for a week. what a magic simple thing called love.
• december : i lived my last month in last year with so much happiness. we were getting closer. yes. people should fall in love with their closed eyes.
• january : yes. thanks God for the blessing. we were official now. it's one of magical gift from JC. i wish if God will we were gonna through this and take this to the next level. i told you isn't gonna be easy. but it's gonna be worth.
• february : i back blogging. yeay. but i made him mad today. i felt so bad. please have faith with me. i love you more.