Sabtu, 30 November 2013

random thought named overthinking

It's middle of the night. I can't sleep and overthinking. and yes overthinking is killing. okay. i screwed up. let me share about random thought 

one. dear sweet SH : your crush is ugh. ew. ah. entahlah. maybe most men just like him. i won't tell you more but he just NO. for me. you? ah it's up to you. nyadar gk si pas dia comment soal cupcake bikinan km. oh please. how rude. aku yg denger aja pengen nimpuk itu muka dia pake cupcake. yes he put you on his friendzone. i knew how it feel

two. dear mr. YBS : sorry for let you down tonight. waiting for fourty minutes is totally suck. i beg you pardon. and maybe we realized something between us. we were not gonna work out. second chance? ah. i hate said this. but with all these flaws yeah. i don't expect for another chance. but. sorry for not being perfect. i hate i still care.

three. dear pretty two bitches out there. esp the MUA one : do you feel pretty? yes. you are. and you absolutely attractive for him. flirting each other. but i hope someday you'll realize the bad side of your crush. i already lost respect for him. okay. salah satu sahabat baik aku pernah bilang selingkuh itu gpp. asal gk ketahuan. HELLO. klo menurut aku si jaga diri. jaga hati dwonk. jangan selingkuh. idih. payah. I DON'T KNOW what he replied while you ask what are you doing? whatever he said. is lied. except if he said he make out with another girl. but if he said that. will you face the truth and act like nothing happen?! will you..

Senin, 25 November 2013

hunger games catching fire

one of my favorite scene. ah i wish someday. somebody who really mean gonna say : i do. i need you

hunger games catching fire. bagus. aku suka si. gk banyak detail cerita sewaktu di arena. tapi dress katniss tetap mempesona. joanna mason is the one who got my attention. rebel but really make sense. make him pay for it. 

you know how it's feel

Selasa, 19 November 2013

starbucks secret menu

This is my favourite Starbucks secret menu. Ask your barista to made it for you. order vanilla frappe and one pump of raspberry syrup for tall size. this cute pink frappucino named Cotton Candy or ask an extra one pump of toffee nut if you order grande size. extra sweet for something named Barbie Pink

This one is another experiment of Starbuck secret menu. Available in Christmas Edition. So if you dare and love peppermint you should try this frappucino. Order the mocha peppermint frappucino but ask barista to change it in vanilla frappe no mocha syrup and put extra java chip. make it double if you like. And voila enjoy your Peppermint Chocolate Chip Frappucino. hahaha. have nice days!

should i back here

And just like pixie dust of magic i'm back to blogging. hahahaha. it's been four month since last post. Good news is i'm blog through blogger app on playstore. how fun you can blog through your smart  phone anytime anywhere. in my case as long as i got wifi connection because i still in love with my ipod touch 5th gen. 
It's all started on last saturday night when i spent it with my friends enjoying 30mile shiraz wine in Shangri-La lounge. we talked about an idea until it comes to the hobby things. and the new guy the friend of mine said : oh. you're blogger ?! so you have passion on writing. do you? that's great. do you still keep on writing now? i said it's been a while no longer blogging and i just blog something not-so-important-thing-just-daily-stuff and then he said everything comes in little things. 

Senin, 01 Juli 2013

the secret life of heroes

the secret life of heroes. an awesome pop art by  Greg-guillemin

Jumat, 28 Juni 2013

god and monster

literally. can i be your baby ?
song lyric from God and Monster by Lana del Rey

gracias cha

Oups. I almost forget to upload this picture. Ini oleh oleh dari CHA yang abis liburan dari Kuala Lumpur hahahaha. Thank you cha uda rela bawain berat berat. Super happy

Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

white house down

Okay. I'm not great blogger. especially when it comes to movie blogger. So please pardon my bad review. hahahaha. When my friend ask me to join the movie date on wednesday night she said this movie just like Olympus has fallen. Gerard Butler is hot but I think Channing Tatum always look adorable. The main idea of this movie absolutely SAME. it's about white house get attacked and happy ending. The difference is white house down got fun and easy going president. *watch it. you will know what I mean ♥
I love the part when Emily upload her video on Youtube and become famous. Yeah everyone can be famous in cyberspace. She remind me with Chloe Moretz when she young hihihihi

Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

just ordinary weekend

I spend my weekend with family and friends. Dinner with family then hanging out with friends enjoying dessert in GreenHouse Garden Palace hotel. Nice place nice interior but I'm not recommended here for dessert. but I dont have any idea about main course. By the way I miss ramen on Hakata Ippudo Malaysia. You should try! hahahaha

Senin, 13 Mei 2013

hello stranger. little bit intro maybe

It's May. and I come back missing my blog again. hahahaha. Time flies so fast I almost can not believe I will meet with my summer again. Being single for years and more is quite boring. and growing old is suck. My few friend said sometimes I look and act like childish. YES. hahaha. I'm not deny it. but I said however old are you. there always childish side in yourself. I think that is God's way to keep you enjoying your life and live up your life like child. no over thinking and feel free. feeling happy for being alive ♥

Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

latest self portrait

Hey you. now I have long bang *still on progress and medium hair style like this totally kinda screwed. Aaargh!! Serius susah bener si punya poni panjang. poni lepek dikit langsung penampilan gagal total. mana ini rambut gk panjang panjang. kangen punya rambut panjang. beach wave gituh. eea. hahahaha *kibas kibas rambut

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

foodgasm for this week

Akhir akhir ini sering banget mamam Japanese cuisine. and. this foodgasm for this week adalah KAYU contempory Japanese restaurant. I love the atmosphere and ambiance in there. the food and sushi kinda so so. hahaha. but they have nice and yummy dessert. you should try. CURRY HOUSE is great but they have super small portion. I suggest you choose medium size ♥

Sabtu, 20 April 2013

birthday girl

Surprise for birthday girl. HAHAHA. i'm getting old!

Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

anybody home

I almost forget I own this abandon blog. Ouch! terakhir ngepost itu november. sekarang tau tau uda februari. tiga bulan vakum ngeblog. hahaha. My life is kinda just so ordinary, work, eat sleep, gym when have time hahaha. Makin males ngeblog lama lama depan laptop. Sekarang kan jaman nya social media. Jadi kayanya mungkin aku bakalan sering ngeblog di TUMBLR feel free to stalk. more simple and fun. dan yg asik bisa ngeblog kapanpun via henpon hahaha. I think I've plan to move there. See you there. KLIK KLIK HERE