Sabtu, 30 November 2013

random thought named overthinking

It's middle of the night. I can't sleep and overthinking. and yes overthinking is killing. okay. i screwed up. let me share about random thought 

one. dear sweet SH : your crush is ugh. ew. ah. entahlah. maybe most men just like him. i won't tell you more but he just NO. for me. you? ah it's up to you. nyadar gk si pas dia comment soal cupcake bikinan km. oh please. how rude. aku yg denger aja pengen nimpuk itu muka dia pake cupcake. yes he put you on his friendzone. i knew how it feel

two. dear mr. YBS : sorry for let you down tonight. waiting for fourty minutes is totally suck. i beg you pardon. and maybe we realized something between us. we were not gonna work out. second chance? ah. i hate said this. but with all these flaws yeah. i don't expect for another chance. but. sorry for not being perfect. i hate i still care.

three. dear pretty two bitches out there. esp the MUA one : do you feel pretty? yes. you are. and you absolutely attractive for him. flirting each other. but i hope someday you'll realize the bad side of your crush. i already lost respect for him. okay. salah satu sahabat baik aku pernah bilang selingkuh itu gpp. asal gk ketahuan. HELLO. klo menurut aku si jaga diri. jaga hati dwonk. jangan selingkuh. idih. payah. I DON'T KNOW what he replied while you ask what are you doing? whatever he said. is lied. except if he said he make out with another girl. but if he said that. will you face the truth and act like nothing happen?! will you..

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