Selasa, 19 November 2013

should i back here

And just like pixie dust of magic i'm back to blogging. hahahaha. it's been four month since last post. Good news is i'm blog through blogger app on playstore. how fun you can blog through your smart  phone anytime anywhere. in my case as long as i got wifi connection because i still in love with my ipod touch 5th gen. 
It's all started on last saturday night when i spent it with my friends enjoying 30mile shiraz wine in Shangri-La lounge. we talked about an idea until it comes to the hobby things. and the new guy the friend of mine said : oh. you're blogger ?! so you have passion on writing. do you? that's great. do you still keep on writing now? i said it's been a while no longer blogging and i just blog something not-so-important-thing-just-daily-stuff and then he said everything comes in little things. 

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