Selasa, 30 Juni 2015

fake your smile and everything gonna be okay

this huge rayban aviator belong to si ganteng gigi marmut. hahahaha. pinjem doank demi selfie kekinian. my heart still broken. my mind was messed up but yeah life is goes on. it's should be better.

Minggu, 28 Juni 2015

this is how we do

good food. good friends. good vibe. could heal a broken soul. but nobody said it was easy. thank you pikachu team for being there with me through broken dreams.

Rabu, 17 Juni 2015

yes. we could't work it

one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do is stop loving someone because they've stopped loving you. he said he loose his faith on me. yes. we broke up. broken dream of us.