Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

almond milk

Go shopping with mommy today. We go to L'Occitane at Galaxy Mall. She is fans of Almond Milk Concentrate *best seller from L'Occitane and she gonna buy one for me too. yay!! That concentrated milk can nourishes and make your skin smooth. Helps to firm and tone :)

And I addopt this shea butter hand cream. A super smoothing and best seller for help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. Anti-oxidizing vitamin E helps nourish. I love the smell even sometimes I feel it's kinda of Viva's lotion nor something. LOL
Yeah I only buy two items. Mommy said the almond only for hands. You should buy another cheaper brand with cheaper price for your legs. This is too expensive for using in your whole body. Except if you buy with your own money. It is up to you! hahaha

Silent for a few second then I answered Yes mom!! hehehe *the price is IDR 605.ooo quite expensive huh for only 200ml :P

My mom get this shopping bonus too and her VIP card finally is on progress. The VIP card will be available next month. Horay :)

♥ credit : L'Oocitane

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

this lately

What are you doing ?!
♥ Browsing and looking for inspiration. Deadline and photo session is next week. OMG. Time run so fast !!
♥ My package arrived already and another package will arrive in next two weeks. Shit! Happy but this make me going crazy. Happy yet broke :P
♥ Hey do you see LG cookies in picture above?! I still have that phone and use it. Cute phone even the touch screen technology make me mad. Sometimes :(
♥ I addicted to Milo. I always have it for my breakfast *in few days lately hahaha
♥ I miss my Starbucks. Silverqueen d'crepes and Quickly pearl milk tea. Yummy!!

♥ I want this bag badly. Mulberry Alexa Soft Buffalo Leather. OMG. But I am not sure my mom'll like this type :(
♥ Craving for rings still continue hehehe

Senin, 28 Juni 2010

kat von d

I love Kat von D. Pretty and talented tattoo artist on LA ink. Enjoy her black and white photography :)

Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

knight and day

♥ Knight and Day. Cute combo between Tom Cruise and Cameron Dias. Nice movie

Watching this movie at saturday nite with Lia. Long time no see her. We have dinner at Gotta and lots of chit chat. Sharing some juicy gossip hahaha. Super fun nite :D
By the way this is my first picture with my new hair. Love my hair today hehehe

What i wear : Purple tee ~ F21 actually I pick up from my mommy closet hahaha. Flower print skirt ~ Cotton On. I buy in Singapore it is only 5 SGD super cheap. SALE !! the price is less than IDR 35.000 yay :) and Black stone rosary necklace ~ made by my mom

Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

necklace for you

Summer Parade the middle of June collection from Cheezybabe Shop. They are so adorable necklace. Sold more than 20 pieces in less a week. It is gonna be another best seller. hahaha. Get them fast before too late :)

click click >> CB SHOP

Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

kamera baru

Horay!! Mommy bilang gw boleh beli kamera baru. Tapi sekarang bingung mw beli kamera merk apa dan tipe apa yah ?!?! Help me please. Gv some advice for me :)

protect me

Lord protect me.. *doa sama Tuhan minta keselamatan :)
OMG!! why?!!! *duh kena ketak si batu. kena kepala. addduuuh...
Jesus : Are you alright? I might have missed a small piece

Yes. Mata ku mulai berkaca kaca sekarang
Have blessed Friday everyone!

Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

long hair

♥ What I wear : Yellow sabrina ~ ZARA. Jeans skirt ~ ZARA
♥ Photographer : Winnie. Editing : Diana Ang

Say goodbye to my super long hair. Today I'll go to salon and cut my hair about 10cm. My mommy suggestion about 30cm. OMG. NO!! I still love my long hair :D

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

holiday again

♥ Aww.. that is cute union jack passport :)

Yes. I need another holiday again this year hehehe :
♥ Summer holiday in Singapore ~ early June -- done !!
♥ Celebrate Jakarta great sale - Bangka - Jakarta ~ middle of June -- canceled. I'm broke already after summer holiday in Singapore. I must earn lot of money then can go back traveling again :(
♥ Bangkok ~ early July -- canceled for sure. I'm still broke baby and my package will arrived waiting for the next launching hahaha
♥ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia -- I hope can go there this fall :)

Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

super ring

OMG. Those rings are fab!! Want it so bad :(

Senin, 21 Juni 2010

double finger

Currently in love with double finger rings :)
And I'm craving for cross double finger ring
Actually I have double rings with gems and lion double ring from F21
But I still get enough. hahahaha

Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

love tumblr

Even Andy from Toy Story love tumblr !! hahahaha
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Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

toy story

Okay. I'm not good liar. I'm not crying when watching this movie. But OMG this movie is great. Sometimes we must move on and get out from our comfy zone when the time is right :)
I spent my friday nite with movie marathon. First movie is A-Team. Nice movie and Bradley Copper is super hot! hahaha. Then second movie is Toy Story. Both are awesome hehehe
And close the day with enjoying friday jazzy nite at Brew and Co

the new black

I'm getting bored and sick with news of Ariel - Luna - Cut Tari video porn scandal. Every time I turn on my television there always about them. Not only at infotainment but in news channel they discuss about that. Media exposed it too much :(

Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

back again

Here some quick updates :
♥ My uncle's package from US already coming. Lots of his clothes and gadget. And I get LV pouch from him. Okay this one is second. But hey who's care is authentic LV pouch. La la la so happy :)
♥ New collection of Cheezybabe Shop is already launch. Lots of pretty necklace and floral bangles. Check them out. I bet you'll never regret it hehehe
♥ My mother force me to go to skin care clinic. She said my face is dull :( so I go to Dr. Luci and get skin care set for my combination skin. And the result of my freckles is 47% and 35%. I hope the number will be less when my second visit
♥ I wait my package arrived and new catalog in two next week :D
♥ Just upgrade my Tumblr application for BB from Tumblr 1.01 become Tumblr 1.1 and this quite simple way to reblog nor like and post anything. Really love it !!

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Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

sayang sekali

Sedikit kecewa. karena gk dapet ijin sama mommy bwat ke Belitung - transit - Jakarta selama sepuluh hari. Diajak sama temen gt. Katanya uda dari Singapore ngabisin duit banyak. Padahal kalo aku liburan di dalam negri kan bayar pake duit sendiri :(

Tapi ya sudala tak apa. Stock barangku juga masi banyak. Aku dah gk sabar pengen cari duit lagi dan dapet duit yg banyak hihihi. Let's back to work baby :D

Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

few days there

What I wore : Blue tee ~ MANGO. Floral skirt ~ Cotton On. Pink Leather Bag ~ GUESS

Today i accompany my mom go to NUH. All whole family I guess hahaha daddy - me - mommy and her brother. She has appointment with doctor and consultation about her sound so chronic stomach ache. She bring all lab result from Indonesian. Thank God she is quite fine. Doctor in Indonesia just wrong give diagnose based on lab *sigh

We back to apartment at afternoon and go to Orchard road at Nite. The destination is ION. Mmmm... I falling in love with this mall. The first store to take around is Burberry. One of my mom's fave brand. Look inside and get they have disc 30% for few items. I guess my mom falling in love with on bag on new arrival display. But she decided to keep her money and walk away to Louis Vuitton. And she buy one medium bag there. But I dont know exactly what the name series :)

What I wore : Purple blackish dress ~ buy in Bali. Pink Leather Bag ~ GUESS. Black stone rosary ~ handmade by mom

Wednesday :
Today is shopping time!! Yay!! hahaha. Nothing to explain. We only walking around at Orchard Road. And 313 also be my favourite. They have 4 floor of Fashion 21. Super love it !! I buy some tee and cute rings :) My mom just buy F21 tank top and dress at Cotton On and diamond ring!!! OMG

♥ Green rice?! hahaha. That named Nasi Lemak :P

Thursday :
Vivo City again hahaha and I buy flat and ballerina flat shoes at C & K. Yes I only buy two and flat hehehe. No more buy high heels then have dinner in Bugis

Friday :
Last day in Singapore. Orchard again because my mom want to back at jewelery store and buy another ring. OMG. I just buy stripes cardigan at Cotton On BODY. I buy many snack at Hokkaido Food Market *is't the name right?! I forgot the name. hahaha. Buy R burger. Japanese snack. Bubble Tea and Old Cangkee hahaha. I eat too much :)
Close the day with some bag purchase at Burberry. I know my mom want it and fall in love at first sight hahaha. But it's okay la for buy branded bag. Expensive price but you get high quality. Kinda of investment :D

Saturday :
Back to Surabaya. hahaha. Summer holiday is over. I hope can go abroad in another country this year :)
Bye bye Singapore. See yaaa...