Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

toy story

Okay. I'm not good liar. I'm not crying when watching this movie. But OMG this movie is great. Sometimes we must move on and get out from our comfy zone when the time is right :)
I spent my friday nite with movie marathon. First movie is A-Team. Nice movie and Bradley Copper is super hot! hahaha. Then second movie is Toy Story. Both are awesome hehehe
And close the day with enjoying friday jazzy nite at Brew and Co

4 komentar:

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey mengatakan...

i love toy story! haha <3

Le Chat Noir mengatakan...

heyy, i've followed ur tumblr :D
mind to follow me back? :)

aisaicha mengatakan...

i haven't watch toy story yet but i guess it's a very good movie :) thanks for your comment it means a lot, xxoo

Diana Ang mengatakan...

alexandra : either i :)

le chat noir : already follow you back babe. see you in tumblr hehehe

aisaicha : you should watch this movie :D