Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

back again

Here some quick updates :
♥ My uncle's package from US already coming. Lots of his clothes and gadget. And I get LV pouch from him. Okay this one is second. But hey who's care is authentic LV pouch. La la la so happy :)
♥ New collection of Cheezybabe Shop is already launch. Lots of pretty necklace and floral bangles. Check them out. I bet you'll never regret it hehehe
♥ My mother force me to go to skin care clinic. She said my face is dull :( so I go to Dr. Luci and get skin care set for my combination skin. And the result of my freckles is 47% and 35%. I hope the number will be less when my second visit
♥ I wait my package arrived and new catalog in two next week :D
♥ Just upgrade my Tumblr application for BB from Tumblr 1.01 become Tumblr 1.1 and this quite simple way to reblog nor like and post anything. Really love it !!

♥ I love tumblr. please check and follow
♥ Nor just tweet me @dianaangrelia

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