Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

early june

There's something happen with me :
♥ Tik tok on the clock. I waiting for my summer holiday. early summer holiday I guess. hehehe. super excited :)
♥ I wish this year I'll hv great time and having fun in Jakarta with my best friends and some blogger or bbm friends hehehe. hope dreams come true
♥ My little brother hv plan for getting his second tattoo. Kinda of quote. his fave quote but translate and written in Thailand typography *bahasa si bahasa Tagalog. kalo tulisan Thai aku gk tw namanya apa yah. hihihi. And he'll get inked in Thailand :) but dont know when. since we know is not quite save there for now and he'll spend his summer in Bali. ooh. I'm so envy!! hahahaha
Gary from US will come to Indonesia this summer holiday. yay!!
♥ I need portable charger soon :)

2 komentar:

FashionJazz mengatakan...

Luv ur tee! xx

Diana Ang mengatakan...

not my tee. not my own pic
but i'm agree with you
i love that tee :)