Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

knight and day

♥ Knight and Day. Cute combo between Tom Cruise and Cameron Dias. Nice movie

Watching this movie at saturday nite with Lia. Long time no see her. We have dinner at Gotta and lots of chit chat. Sharing some juicy gossip hahaha. Super fun nite :D
By the way this is my first picture with my new hair. Love my hair today hehehe

What i wear : Purple tee ~ F21 actually I pick up from my mommy closet hahaha. Flower print skirt ~ Cotton On. I buy in Singapore it is only 5 SGD super cheap. SALE !! the price is less than IDR 35.000 yay :) and Black stone rosary necklace ~ made by my mom

8 komentar:

Lia Waroka Putri mengatakan...

Beautiful hair^^
May we exchange link anw?


vecha ♥ mengatakan...

hello diana ang.
i really love your blog.
btw, aku dari dulu bookmarks blog kamu loh di mozilla aku hihihi :)
happy holiday dear! :D

beckyxoxo mengatakan...

Love that movie ! :) Your hair looks beautiful , I love your skirt , so cute ! Haha .

Esther Angela mengatakan...

that film is really nice.
so is your skirt=)
thanks for leaving me some comment anyway=)

Audrey Ruby mengatakan...

cici kok di sini mukanya beda huehehehe.... jadi kayak bukan cici :P

michelle_ mengatakan...

nice hair !!


black n white ladies mengatakan...

your mom is great for making that necklace...hehe
thanks for dropped your comment


Diana Ang mengatakan...

Lia Waroka : thank you dear. sure! i already bookmarked you :)

Vecha : really?? ohmyGod. your comment really makes my day. hahaha. thank you babe

Becky : yes. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are great :D

Esther : you're welcome :)

Audrey : heh?! masa siii? hahaha. efek dan tipuan kamera kayanya :P

Michelle : thank you babe. either yours. love it~

Black and white : hehehe thank you. she is inspiring me so much