Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

this lately

What are you doing ?!
♥ Browsing and looking for inspiration. Deadline and photo session is next week. OMG. Time run so fast !!
♥ My package arrived already and another package will arrive in next two weeks. Shit! Happy but this make me going crazy. Happy yet broke :P
♥ Hey do you see LG cookies in picture above?! I still have that phone and use it. Cute phone even the touch screen technology make me mad. Sometimes :(
♥ I addicted to Milo. I always have it for my breakfast *in few days lately hahaha
♥ I miss my Starbucks. Silverqueen d'crepes and Quickly pearl milk tea. Yummy!!

♥ I want this bag badly. Mulberry Alexa Soft Buffalo Leather. OMG. But I am not sure my mom'll like this type :(
♥ Craving for rings still continue hehehe

2 komentar:

vdcouture mengatakan...

nice post dear! me want that mulberry bag too!! :p awesome!

Diana Ang mengatakan...

but unfortunately my mom doesn't like it :(
she said too old fashion T.T