Selasa, 19 November 2013

starbucks secret menu

This is my favourite Starbucks secret menu. Ask your barista to made it for you. order vanilla frappe and one pump of raspberry syrup for tall size. this cute pink frappucino named Cotton Candy or ask an extra one pump of toffee nut if you order grande size. extra sweet for something named Barbie Pink

This one is another experiment of Starbuck secret menu. Available in Christmas Edition. So if you dare and love peppermint you should try this frappucino. Order the mocha peppermint frappucino but ask barista to change it in vanilla frappe no mocha syrup and put extra java chip. make it double if you like. And voila enjoy your Peppermint Chocolate Chip Frappucino. hahaha. have nice days!

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Hasna A. Adiwinarso mengatakan...

actually it's from a youtuber, Bethany Mota. you can check her on @MacBarbie07. she gave the idea like months ago then her viewers started buying it just like me! :)