Selasa, 14 Desember 2010


Okay here some list for Christmas things :
♥ Looking for Christmas gift for my pretty ladies
♥ Christmas paper or card and Christmas tag *bingung ngung ngung
♥ Christmas cookies or cake. Whatever la but something cute and yummy to eat hahaha
♥ Nice outfit to go to church at Christmas eve
♥ And maybe the list still continue....

Talk about Christmas how about all I want for Christmas huh?! hahaha
♥ Most favorite all I want for Christmas is YOU. hahaha. who doesn't spend with someone who you love and loved you back :)
♥ Ipad and Iphone is top request too hahaha
♥ How about more often fun holiday trip. YES. I want too. Please give me promo flight ticket and fun partner. I'm ready to go everywhere hahaha
♥ New authentic branded bag or branded comfy shoes. Oh girl things! hihihi
♥ I still love my vintage car but I always open for new one Santa :P
♥ Oups! Stop make wish list. Gonna be super long list :D

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