Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

early christmas

Spent my early Christmas in Singapore. Oh my God what pretty Orchard road. Suddenly miss Christmas so much and miss you. How much I miss you and wish you were there and you said yeah me too. hope someday we can spend together in Singapore hihihi
Actually I love my early summer holiday more than this Christmas. I didn't buy anything except three white boyfriend tees and bag from TopShop and Charles and Keith. Mmm guess I'm summer person and love fun bright color. Fall winter collection not suit for me :(
But it's okay I still love and enjoy this holiday then mommy miss Kuala Lumpur so bad yeah either I mom. Hope we can go there next year. Yay!! Bukit Bintang we will gonna see you again. hahahaha *lebay

1 komentar:

Esther Angela mengatakan...

wow Singapore is so beautiful!
but i'm sure, i won't go back there before my holiday end :D
btw, have a nice holiday jie:)