Senin, 22 November 2010

what on november

Oh my God. oh my God. what happen to my November ?!
I almost forget what I've been doing in month
Let's we talk and try to remember

♥ November is quite hectic month. CB launched collection twice in month. And the good news is CB's goal for this year is DONE. yay!!
♥ Natalia and Vivi coming to the town. It's time to having time together. Having fun la la la. I really miss all my BFF
♥ Harry Potter is good. I think better than before
♥ I addicted to any kind warm chocolate lava. Absolutely sinful yet yummy
♥ I got new spot in my back car. Okay this is his fault but he already do his responsibility. Thank you baby. No need to worry
♥ Why we argue small stuff and getting mad?! Because all I know it's because you are taking care for me. Sorry for being so stupid and saying something rude

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