Rabu, 25 November 2009

about her

Lets do some gosiip hahaha. nothing. just for fun.

ten things about her :
1. I hate her lifestyle. it make her become hedonist person. but sometimes she said. is too hard to beat. so i join them
2. She is open minded person. wtf with super tiny minded people
3. She loves party and alcoholic
4. Guys said she is good kisser ever
5. Guys love her sexy and killer eyes. yes i agree with them
6. So can i call her. sexy. naughty. bitchy ?! hehehe
7. She speak in english. lil bit in indonesian
8. But never believe her if she said. i love you. she never mean it
9. She said. i dont care with people think about me. none is one of my bussiness
10. She is unique

so. what do you think. you'll love or hate her ?!

1 komentar:

puRple.mE mengatakan...

Hmmm.. Maybe I won't love her or hate her.
I'll just choose not to be too close with her.. :)