Minggu, 15 November 2009

rebel backpacker

Paint it Black

Sondy. friend who has project in Jakarta. is coming to the town. yay! but. i forget to see his tribal tattoos. totally forgot. zzz. spend another lazy sunday at Starbucks with Tiven. he is really backpackers! hahaha. super rebel. he said. everybody look us when we walk togother. i am criminal who walk with princess. LOL. enough for tonite. it is midnite already. nitez everbody :]

2 komentar:

u-ung mengatakan...

wakakkakaa btw,sapa sg kriminal dan sapa sg princes yah??*confuse mode on* hihihihihi

Diana Ang mengatakan...

hahaha pertanyaanmu menyudutkan kuuu. asyeem!! hehehe