Minggu, 08 November 2009

still alive

Hell-o biatch!! i am comiing. hahaha. there is some random quick updates from me. i know you love me. xoxo *hahaha. ketawa guling guling

♥ Yes. i am still alive. sorry for long hibernate. being MIA in few weeks. and almost one month hahaha. i just feel lost my passion. life so flat and boring. and i stuck here :[
♥ But life is too short to living like this. so i decide to back blogging again hahaha
♥ Maybe. i should go far away out of this country only for this summer. is it sound great?! mmm. do you agree?
Hallowen this year is super screamy hahaha. not because freaky costume but because i saw him with taluk. hahaha. not in real mean but can i said like that because she is chinese born indonesia who study and live in china for six years. aaargh!! forget it. for now. i dont know. even dont care anymore. mmm. lets we see

Sometimes. i miss my ex boyfriends. yes. with s. hahaha. but a lot miss my partner in crime. Toto i miss youuu!! hahaha. actually miss him after he called me. LOL *jadi sebelumnya?? hehehe. his sound look so tired and need some fresh air. too busy. too much working i guess. mmm. maybe we are just need holiday together :] hope can see you soon dear!!
♥ Finally realize that i am not so Surabaya's Girl STyle. who loved many guys here. aaargh!! they are so b o r i n g
♥ And become admin of two acc cheezybabe. and. fan page isn't easy. zzz. blog is coming soon. but i am not sure. how can i regonize it all ?! mmm. latelest collection will launch on middle of nov. mmm

ps : another update. soon!! i must back working now :]
love yaaa..

5 komentar:

Delta Echo Whiskey India mengatakan...

ew...ntn gossip girl juga ye^^?

Miss Lia mengatakan...

surabaya's girl style? kenapa beib? boring bosan ya...
gimana MJ? bagus?

janet mengatakan...

akirnya nge post lg :) glad to u see u back :D

naki mengatakan...

ehh baru tau lho kalau hiatus , uda lama ga mampir dimari :)

sabar ya dianaaaa , sabarrrr , I knoq lah dikit2 how it feel ;)

Anonim mengatakan...

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