Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

one year already

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Confession ♥
this blog is one year already. hahaha
my lovely blog. the place for share anything

random things about me. my love. my passion. and you!

thank you for being my blogger friend.
keep reading
and gv some comment
you are my precious :]

love ya! mwaaah!!

11 komentar:

mademoiselle indah mengatakan...

Hi Diana!:)
Thanks for dropping by in my blog, also for ur nice comment!!!:)

Btw, nice blog you have, HAPPY BDAY and enjoy ur new BB.. LOL..:p

nice to know you!:)

[v.Ni] mengatakan...


Shirley Wijaya mengatakan...

happy birthday :)

Delta Echo Whiskey India mengatakan...

happy Bday buat Blognya din^^

u-ung mengatakan...

whoaaaa!!happy birthday to confession!!! hope u will be better and better blog next time!!hahaa

xoxo: "Addicted":http://u.ung.blogspot.com

Sabila Anata mengatakan...

hey :)
jangan lupa untuk ikutan giveaways at my blog yaaaa :))

beckyxoxo mengatakan...

happy anniversary to your blog ! :D

Lynn mengatakan...

happy birthday buat blognyaaa! :)
i'm back on my blog again :) hehe

Sophie mengatakan...

Happy birthday blog! This is such a cute post, and your blog is really sweet as well.xo

naki mengatakan...

hepi belsday buat blognya , ayo lebih semangat lagi ngeblognya :D

Diana Ang mengatakan...

thank you for all bday greeting and wishes. love you all. mwah!