Minggu, 18 April 2010

time waster

Nothing update for ten days. and now back to gv you quick updates before my memories get lost. hahaha. kinda busy lately. and i should manage my time better :(
♥ Spend twice saturday nite at Sutos. first with my beloved high school friends to watch midnite show. the greenzone. okay la but i sat in five row from front. not really enjoy the show. hahaha. but i meet him at pool only about 20 minutes. aaaww. he is cute :D
♥ Second. just enjoy low fat smoothies at Gelare. he texted me. nothing wrong but i feel he is not kind anymore. he looks pathetic. poor him
♥ Now I hv two ex bf on my bbm friend list. both are awesome. hahaha. sometimes i wondering why they so sexy and too hot to be true. but my friend said maybe i just curious. yes maybe he is right

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