Kamis, 21 April 2011

birthday gift

Hey birthday girl lest talk about the the gift. hahaha. But since I'm not party person who love to extra celebrate any occasion include the birthday so here the list. Just simple list but always make me feel so grateful. Your pray and birthday wishes always means a lot for me :)

* Just got my Valentine's gift from Cleo Indonesia :) Super hepi hahaha. But the winners on April issue and I win it! Yay. hahaha. so let's count it to my birthday gift because April is my birth month. The gift is a pair Hugo Boss XX and XY parfumes. Hugo Boss XX for man and Hugo Boss XY for women. Mmm I think the smell of man is better one
* I force Jelly to give me flower bouquet for me hahaha. Count because finally I get it with extra gift called box of chocolate from Europe and pretty tulip bracelet but this is from Jelly's mom. hahaha. Thank you tante :)
* I also got bracelet with charms in three color and strawberry pendant from my parent
* Pretty flower skirt and birthday cake from my besties
And lot's of birthday wishes on my blackberry msg. facebook. twitter and sms. Thank you and thank you so much. Love you all mwaaaah!

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Esther Angela mengatakan...

happy birthday jie!