Kamis, 18 September 2014

fact part two

lanjutan 20fact about me ya. yuk mari. hahahaha 
11. my first LV is from man collection. pouch and gift from my best uncle in the world. hahaha. he bought it when he was in US 
12. paling suka minum minuman manis
13. jarang banget pake celana panjang. paling sering pake rok ato celana pendek 
14. i'm getting sick of drama queen. lebay dikit bole. tapi gk perlu se-alay gt keleuuuz. hahahaha 
15. i always check my tumblr or twitter before fall a sleep 
16. i'm ipod lover. i have ipod touch 3G and 5G. and. so excited about 6G  hahahaha 
17. i love blush on without glitter. my favorite is MAC 
18. i don't mind watch indonesian movie on theater. i don't get it why people seem so allergic. katanya : buat apa? ntar gk lama juga maen di tv. buat apa? mahal ah. sayang duit. mending nonton film barat ajaa
19. one of my dream is going to NEW YORK for holiday. yeay!!
20. i love black color for my gadget. white is cute but boring. hehehe

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