Senin, 14 September 2009

shibori love

credit : click click >>> ShiboriLove

Whoa. i really craving for this tights from ShiboriLove. super duper awesome. hahaha. i think i'll addict with bleach things. mmm. wanna try some bleching diy. but what. and. how. hahaha. any suggestion or idea for me ?!

7 komentar:

tika mengatakan...

wahh leggingnya keren:) setau ak klo mau buat efek bleach pake pemutih aja:P

janet mengatakan...

aw aw.. legging nya cute bangett... >.< pengen dehhh.. :(
bleaching jeans aja/ vest :)

regina mengatakan...

cool legging!i'm too die for it!

risfaneno mengatakan...

cool leggings..
if you are going to order them, let me now x)

House of Hoodie mengatakan...

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beckyxoxo mengatakan...

those tights are mad ! love them ! :D

Diana Ang mengatakan...

.. tika : iya keren bangeeeet. jadi pengen. hahaha. iya pake bleech tapi takut gagal hehehe

.. janet : sip. sip. kapan kapan cobaaa bleach aaah :]

.. regina : either i

.. risfaneno : hahaha. i guess i'll try make some bleach DIY. if hv time hahahaha

.. house of hoodie : sure. thanks for visit my blog :]

.. beckyxoxo : looove it too hehehe