Selasa, 26 Januari 2010


For your information. i spend my time almost in my little studio. to work. and. hv fun. hahaha. of course in front of my computer. online or offline. hahaha. online it's mean browse. work. looking for inspiration. blogwalking. download. yeah sometimes. hahaha. i though internet always hv many reason and many things to explore. you can find anything there. offline mean playing with photoshop or photoscape. hihihi. thats why i loved it than watched television. hahaha

But i guess i'm not good blogger now. aaaah. too lazy to update. sorry babe! maybe i need to hv better time management. keep reading. keep support me. thank you

ps : and someone is getting complained me. jealous with my computer. hehehe

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Miss Lia mengatakan...

cieeee siapa yang jealous sama kompie km beb? heheheh sounds like ketinggalan berita ni :D