Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

little break for fun

What I wore : Blue tee ~ MANGO. Printed shawl ~ ZARA

Spend my saturday with friends and pretty ladies. I never thought that October gonna be so hectic. What a busy days but take little break and have fun is such a pleasure :D
♥ First week in this month. I back for a week to my hometown. yeah I miss my hometown. Me and my family had dinner in one of my fave restaurant in this town. What a lovely quality family time :)
♥ Second week. Too busy with my mom command. It is about do some her business here. Uuh. super tired but this project is goal. Yay!!
♥ Third week. I should take care about my own job. CB like usuall. Do some photo session and retouch more than seventy photos. OhmyGod. hahaha. But seems my customers love my new collection. Such a honor
♥ Fourth week. mmm. I got wedding invitation from one of my bestie. She will held her wedding party at Shangrila hotel. Let's looking for party dress. hihihi

How bout your October fellas?! Enjoy your weekend :)

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