Senin, 22 November 2010

what on november

Oh my God. oh my God. what happen to my November ?!
I almost forget what I've been doing in month
Let's we talk and try to remember

♥ November is quite hectic month. CB launched collection twice in month. And the good news is CB's goal for this year is DONE. yay!!
♥ Natalia and Vivi coming to the town. It's time to having time together. Having fun la la la. I really miss all my BFF
♥ Harry Potter is good. I think better than before
♥ I addicted to any kind warm chocolate lava. Absolutely sinful yet yummy
♥ I got new spot in my back car. Okay this is his fault but he already do his responsibility. Thank you baby. No need to worry
♥ Why we argue small stuff and getting mad?! Because all I know it's because you are taking care for me. Sorry for being so stupid and saying something rude

Senin, 01 November 2010

expect nothing

Time flies so fast in this year. so many changes and many things happen. This November seems come to early and face the truth in next thirty days is December
♥ I start my first week in this November with attending such a dinner celebration of Ika's graduation with her big family and her bf. Quite lovely and warm family. Even sometimes I just wondering why I'm there with him
♥ Felicia come to the town and we had such great quality chit chat time with three others about our plan and our wish in future. I feel lost and my future looks so blur
♥ It just feel like I hold his hand but I know I will not hold as forever. He is not gonna be mine forever. There will be goodbye hugs in the end. It is too painful to imagine for :(
♥ People too quick to conclude. I dont know why they love to talk about others which is not their business *sigh