Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

hey biatch

Hey biatch how's your day. I'm back blogging again and putting back my broken wings. Life is bitch but here I am try to stay strong
♥ I hate when you said all things we had were nothing. My heart is broken into pieces and I don't know how to reassemble it. It's hurt baby but I know all I've been done mean nothing for you. Nothing last forever either us
♥ I check into rehab for a month and purple pill is one of my best friend. I love you forever but forever is over
♥ HK is one of my best friend suddenly become a father. What happy yet shocking news! hahaha. You should take care your son and be great daddy, bro!
♥ There's quote which said : How life sucking you. Great friends always can make you laugh. And Thanks God I still have them. Super big thanks for Unyil for your time and ride on your cars. I love get lost with you!! hahaha

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