Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

brian m viveros

“I don’t know why I am attracted to his paintings of tattooed, beaten women, but they have such a defiant look, with their Louise Brooks/Pandora’s Box black ‘helmet hair’ and cig dangling from their mouths, one eye swollen shut. It is to so erotic and powerful, about us women who get beaten up every day…”

-Jenny Lens, punk photographer/archivist – she shot Darby Crash!

ps : yeah I agree with you. I love Brian M. Viveros ' s artwork

2 komentar:

classical room of mee mengatakan...

great picts ..
i wish someday i could have one tatoo in my body... :D


Stevia mengatakan...

those pics are gorgeous!
that is one talented artist :)