Jumat, 30 Desember 2011


Sama kaya taon kemaren. Bikin kaledioskop taon-an yuk. Taon 2011 kemaren banyak hepi. banyak traveling tapi juga banyak kepaitan!! hahahaha. I wish new year is become fresh start. God Bless us

* January : celebrate new year eve di Food Fest with boyfriend *sekarang uda jadi ex bf. tragis. hiks! and my besties
* February : love in the air. but i still didn't celebrate valentine day. just like ordinary day
* March : holiday time. spring holiday at Spore Malaysia and Hongkong with my best friends. lot of fun and unforgettable momment
* April : my birthday. thank you baby for the gift and bouquet of pretty rose
* May : accompany my parents to do general check up and semi holiday in Malaysia
* June : everything is turn to evil. there's something wrong with our relationship
* July : it's over. we are just not meant to be
* August : we got big fight. i don't know you anymore
* September : so much fun with my best friend. HK unyil and jura. you rock guys!
* October : everything back to normal. move on because life goes on
* November : over worked. sleep less than 5hours every work day. exhausted
* December : spend more time with family and YWF crew

I wish for better year. better heart and pain less :)

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