Sabtu, 16 Juli 2016

we're all screwed up. are we?

what i wore : 
blue pattern top by H&M
blue skirt by Forever 21
braided crystal bracelet by Forever 21
black backpack by Kate Spade

people are such liars. they tell you they're fine, while the truth is they're not and miserable inside

i can't believe i back to writing blog again. it's been a while and i miss this baby blog. yes i'm missing being blogger. hahaha. isn't easy to back on these thing since the last post is about him the one i love. yes i still put on present tense, if only i could do this shit easily, being move on. moving on is living. being grown up is suck and struggle is real. but maybe like i always said maybe we're just not meant to be. our timed out and i once upon a time i were his firework having the sparkle and then gone. sad but truth. FUCK. i hate writing about this heart break yet not so move on phase. yes i still struggle to get over him and trying to living my best life and this shit. oh my God i hate this phase, please give me a new worth to love new boyfriend hahahaha

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