Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2009

leopard attack

CheezyBabe leopard print collection

As i've been promised to you few days ago. my leopard statement necklace creation special made for CheezyBabe jewelery line. what do you think?? which one your fave? and. yes. finally. CheezyBabe on Facebook. hihihi. i will gv you the link soon :]

3 komentar:

Miss Lia mengatakan...

aihhh ini tah diii seng kapan hr km kerjakno DIY mu? wahhhhh bagus. hehehe kreasi km TOP be ge te. hehehe. itu onlen shopnya milik km say? wahhhh jadi pengen liat diii :]
muahhhh miss ya!

SweetGirl ♡ mengatakan...

they are so cute!! :D

Diana Ang mengatakan...

.. miss lia : iya say hehehe. it is mine. thank you yah dah jadi fren list CheezyBabe :]

.. sweet girl : thank you!!