Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

make me happy

Heeeeloooo ladies!! i've been busy lately. dun hv enough time to posting here. do you miss me huh?! hahaha. i am back with homework from lady tjahjadi. it is abot SIX THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY !!

ONE. i still alive. and here. hahahaha. happy coz i could hear my heart beating. happy i still hv chance to spend wonderfull live with my family. my besties. my buddy. and. you!! they are gift from GOD. there's no fucking fantastic live without them. mmm. sodok lebay yah. nomer satu ini hihihi

TWO. earn lots of money. mulai dikasi ortu. lebi lebi seneng lagi dapet duit yang banyak dari hasil jerih payah sendiri. hahaha. baca : kerja euy!!

THREE. new magazine. yes. call me. magazine freak. i always buy more than two every month. but hey. it is kinda work. quick mood booster. hehehe

FOUR. shoes. maybe GUESS shoes hahaha. but my mom ask me to stop buying shoes again. save money to buy branded bag. good quality and long lasting. and. i crave for LV. original one. not fake. not KW super. hahaha. tapi harus nabung berapa laaaaaamaaa ?? hehehehe. but one of my buddy said. gile. beli velg mobil segitu mahal mampu. masa beli tas LV susah banget kayanya. hahaha. asyeeem !!

FIVE. eat yummy and delicious food. hahaha. saya rela gk maem seharian. demi makanan berkalori tinggi. berlemak dan berkolesterol. hahaha. it is such guilty pleasure. LOL

SIX. spend quality time. with you. having fun. how much i miss you. bah. yang ini menye menye nya lagi kumad. hehehe. or. spend quality time. with my partner in crime. hey bro. i will meet you soon!! hahaha

finish! hahaha

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