Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

great great

Awesome photo right?! but there always great digital artist who can make this photo look so perfect. smoth skin. light balance. and here is some artwork of my fave digital astist. toto. hahahaha. who else la?! digital artist and my best partner in crime hahaha.

Photo ini si benernya uda lama. uda liat di komp nya toto pas dia masi di surabaya. whoooa. miss him so much. sekarang dia uda stay di jakarta :] dan sampe sekarang ditagih mulu. kapan aku mw maen maen ke jakarta lagi hahaha. as soon as possible :]

♥ credit : his facebook. one of my fave's photo. so envy with his mac. last photo just for fun. yes if you want to know like what kind person i've been talked about. hahaha

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