Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

black and white

What i wear : Tokyo typograph white tee ~ Color Box. Skirt ~ N.Y.L.A

Quick updates. la. la. la
♥ I feel plain. but. still get the passion *straight face. mmm. terlihat boring. terlihat datar datar saja. tapi paling gk saya tidak kehilangan passion :)
♥ One of my buddy said i'm look better now. look fine without being drama queen. hahaha. even sometimes i miss my old time :(
♥ Sure for now I'm okay without you, but with you it's will be amazing
♥ I believe everything happen for a reason. please be though my little brother and Vian. broken heart is not end of the world. i know you can even should through this pain *hug
♥ I still busy with my work. yeah. i heart it
♥ I miss Jakarta. i miss my bestfriend there
♥ Feel excited for my summer holiday next month :D
♥ I still hv many things to do. aaaargh!!

See ya in another post. hv nice day :)

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