Senin, 31 Mei 2010

salib saya

The image maybe too small. i found it at tumblr. I will retyped for you :)

no. 3 : Lord. it's too heavy! Please cut it down a little..
no. 7 : Lord please cut it down. I'll be able to carry it better..
no. 9 : Lord thank you so much
no. 10 : HUH!!
no. 11 : Let's see this as a bridge and cross over

Mmmm... get it?

Today I come to the Mrs. Wiwiek's new house in Graha Family to be present persekutuan doa with my family and my neighbour. Her new house is big even not bigger than her superb house in main street of Kertajaya Indah. There'll be Mrs. Gonang as guest :)

And I got an advice : banyak berdoa. karena berdoa adalah berarti menabur

I always believe everything happen for reason. dan mungkin saja waktu kita bukan lah waktu Tuhan. karena waktu Tuhan adalah indah pada waktunya. dan rencana Tuhan bukan lah rencana kecelakaan :)

Okay. posting kali ini bukan bermaksud sok suci. sok kasi khotbah. Aku ndiri kadang juga menjauh si dari Tuhan. sok semau gue. hahaha. I'm not a saint but I'm not a sinner. I just want to share with you all

Have a blessed Monday :)

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Anonim mengatakan...

the God plan in time is not too late or too soon

Diana Ang mengatakan...

agreee :)