Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

silver everywhere

♥ credit : fashion toast

Rumi Neely look so adorable and i love her jewelery. She is one of my fave fashion blogger. When i see her bracelet it is remind me of studded bracelet and silver bracelet from CB

Okay maybe this bracelet is not perfectly same with Rumi's but i think these bracelet are cool hahaha. and inspired by Rumi Neely style :)
This fab bracelet set from CB only IDR 65.000 / each set and you can buy online click click >> HERE

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DEEvona's diary mengatakan...

hi.. nice post!! :)
i'm a new blogger 'n i've followed u..
mid to follow me back 'n exchange link? ^^


Diana Ang mengatakan...

thank you darling :)

Vina mengatakan...

cool bangles!!

Diana Ang mengatakan...

hehehe. thank youuu :)