Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

green tree

What I wore : Gray Tee ~ Forever 21. Gray Pinkish Scarf ~ Forever 21. Black Short ~ Nyla. Studded Shoes ~ Gojane

Had lovely dinner and karaoke time with ladies on Sutos. Tator's fried oxtail very delicious nyam nyaam nyaaam! thank you Helen for recommended. hehehe. Some friends on my bbm ask me where I took the photo shoot in this post. Sometimes I challenging them and let them guess before get my answer hahaha. Because I think this place is so familiar and the table ah you should know that! So what your answer ?!

4 komentar:

Cindy Karmoko mengatakan...

you look gorgeous!!


Katherine Tirtawijaya mengatakan...

nice blog!
mind to link each other?
I will link your blog asap :)

Yessica mengatakan...

Nice scarf! hahaha.. Yes, you should go visit China again! lots of cute stuffs there. =D

Rudi Hartono mengatakan...

Nice, Nice, Nice...!!