Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

yunita wedding day

On my way to wedding party. Make up and hair do by ROTA salon

Today is Yunita's wedding day. She is my cousin. Wedding party is held on SIBEC ITC Surabaya. It's like big family reunion hahaha and I'm so happy can meet Octavia my other cousin who work in Jakarta. We never meet each other so long time. By the way happy ever after for Yunita and Edo!

What I wore : Gray long dress ~ Rosy Chan. White flower clutch ~ unknown brand

ps : sorry for bad photo resolution. digicam gk cukup masuk clutch hahaha. jadi cuma potret potret narsis pake hape gt hehehe

3 komentar:

janet mengatakan...

really love the dress! and the hair style is looking goon on you

Miss Lia mengatakan...

rosy chan siapa beib? nice gown! and i love your hair style, bFuk again?

Diana Ang mengatakan...

@ janet : thank you so much beibi. hehehehe

@ miss lia : itu nama designer beb. di daerah balai kota sana. hair do nya by rota salon hehehe