Sabtu, 14 Maret 2009

you weird

♥ credit : We heart it

if i begged and if i cried. would it change the sky tonight.
would it give me some light.
should i wait for you to call. is there any hope at all.
think i am addicted to your light.
i don't wanna be without you babe.
don't wanna take a breath without you.
I am living in a world that all about you and me.

-- he. march. 14th. 2009. 11:46:32

do you know what i think? mmm.
i think you are lovely. i heart it.
even i knew. just shit things.
and shit talks there.
your love. is sweetest mistake.
sorry. but. i miss you :P

and here i am. stupid me. LOL

2 komentar:

muchlove mengatakan...

Your blog is so sweet!
Met kenal juga :)

naki mengatakan...

gambarnya buatan mu di ??

aniwei .. sayah sudah di jkt lagi bu , hehehe .. next time ya say ^0^