Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

dear god

a lonely road. crossed another cold state line
miles away from those i love. purpose hard to find
while i recall all the words you spoke to me
can't help but wish that i was there
back where i'd love to be

dear god. the only thing i ask of you
is to hold him when i'm not around
when i'm much too far away

-- dear god ~ by : Avenged Sevenfold --

6 komentar:

Yofany mengatakan...

so sweet :)

Claradevi mengatakan...

You have the cutest blog ever! Love love love.

u-ung mengatakan...

cute bgt ce si teddy bear!!tp sayang lg kesepian gt kyk'e...merana banget.Mata menerawang hingga di kejauhan...hahhaha

Le Chat Noir mengatakan...


maumaumau xP

Anonim mengatakan...

hi diana :)
thanks for visiting mine.
mind to exchange links?
u have such an awesome blog!

Diana Ang mengatakan...

teddy nya memang super duper imuud. aku jadi pengen beeeli !!