Senin, 20 Oktober 2008

ZARA red shoes

MMmm.. maybe this is cheapest ZARA shoes ever! haha.. that's why they called it special price footwear collection, the price is about IDR 389.000 :]   Isn't cheap for branded shoes? Available in two fabulous color : shining black and hot red. 

I brought the red one.. pretty HOT !! hehehe Wore shocking color like red isn't easy yet.. blah!!  My mom always said that shoes looked weird on me.. But who's care if i feel comfortable when wear it, even sometimes i don't have any idea to mix match it well.. Here some of my fashion style with red hot ZARA shoes :D  What do you think ?

Am i look weird ? hahaha

2 komentar:

Mira Maulia mengatakan...

Die.. Your not that weird... It's tottaly HOT!! I like the first picture... Seemed that you're wearing a round hat... Eheheheh...

Nice to meet you, Honey... :)

Diana Ang mengatakan...

hehe.. thank you dear :]
nice to meet you too^^