Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

again and again

Phew. saturday nite again. seminggu kemaren cepet banget si berlalu. whoaaa. somebody heeelp!! i need a mood booster now. i cant think too much. the system is getting overload. i lost my passion again and again :[

♥ Another movie nite : Angels and Demons. la. la. la. sure one and half hours seriuosly can make me forget about my stupid things on my head. just for a while but it is quite help *sigh*

What i wore : Gray stripes tee ~ ZARA. Gray color with colorful leopard print scarf ~ ZARA. Black short ~ N.y.L.a. Pink metalic shoes ~ GUESS

2 komentar:

ChaCha mengatakan...

cute outfit! duh sepatunya cantik banget ya.. stunning abis say..

Diana Ang mengatakan...

thank you say :]
sepatunya one of my fave hehehe