Selasa, 12 Mei 2009


Another tuesday nite. hv fun with Natalia and Shinta at Galaxy Mall. do nothing. just accompany miss Nat for shopping. before she back to her home town for a week. hahaha. i dont bring many money at my wallet. too lazy to shopping. i am not in mood *mmm. maybe you knew why*

Go back home earlier. and. online :D do some retouch and editing photo with photoshop. upload at my first - another - fashion - blog at Chictopia. which now there it lots of Indonesian. yay!! is it sound interesting?! hehehe :] hey Chictopians. i am back. LOL. maybe tomorrow i will put the badge at side bar. dont forget to join. feel free to add me as your friend and gv some comment. hehehe :D

What i wore : Lime Green knitted cardigan ~ random boutique at Pasar Atom. White Ruffles blouse ~ FMC. Old navy polkadot skirt ~ random boutique at Pasar Atom. Leopard print shoes ~ GUESS. Neon pink belt ~ N.y.L.a

ps : oh em gee. i am math's teacher lookalike. huh. LOL. hahaha

Whoooa. i feel so sleepy. goodnite everybody :]

2 komentar:

armand mengatakan...

oh my, lucu outfitmu nak.. baguuus

Diana Ang mengatakan...

thank you yah :]