Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

bonk ava

♥ Black and white photograph always look stunning in their way. And the last photo is black and white blog award. LOL

Finally get another award from Erlia. Thank you so much dear :)
It have been a long time ago I received an award. hahaha. And there are the question with this award they're :

1. Berapa blog yang kamu punya dan berapa umurnya?

Now I have four blog!! hahaha. OhmyGod. this blog for sure - since 0ct 18th 2008. blogshop-- forgot. tumblr -- early March 2010 and microblog aka twitter -- june 4th 2010. Click the name if you want to blogwalking to my another blog :)

2. Sejak kapan kamu mengenal dunia blog?
Middle of 2008. Fashion blogger and some blogger friends really inspired me

3. Mengapa tertarik membuat blog dan untuk apa?
Just for share my random things hahaha. Bet you'll like it :P

4. Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan blog kamu?
Plus minus in whole package. Maybe it is just boring and pointless thing I posted here. But you decided to wasting your time to read my post and you love this blog *accidently!! hahaha *blogger amatir yg sumbung ah diana-ang ini hihihi. please don't take it seriously. just joke :D

5. Award dan tag ini berikan kepada 5 teman blogger yang lain
You and you!! whoever read this blog post. Congratulation :)

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