Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

skin gonna die

It is so fluffy cool. I'm gonna die *with Agnes accent from Despicable Me. Oh nooo!! I craving for this union jack skin from Gelaskins [ the first photo ] and Garskin also have the modern style but I guess the vintage style from Gelaskins is much better. Yes and price is more expensive :( but how if Gelaskins don't have for my bb series. It is sound bad. Should I buy the modern one???

And this is few example which becoming my favorite. Aww... can't wait for looking at Gelaskins counter. Hope I'll get what I want :)

4 komentar:

Esther Angela mengatakan...

i want the jave one :D

Lia Waroka Putri mengatakan...

The 1st and 3rd ones are killing my heart, they're cool! xD XO,BarbieJunk

michellehendra mengatakan...

uber cool! :))
pengen donks!

Miss Lia mengatakan...

aq kemarin cek di mall
ada luoh garskin buat apple
cuman terbatas pilihan gambar nya
:D mgkn buat BB juga ada ya